January 1, 2020
New Forms of Art

21st Century Vision for a Changing World


hat the world needs now is LOVE. True, but how does it get there? How will the love appear, allowing its influence to govern our daily decisions? As the world exists today it showcases a need for change. A process is needed to uplift and transform the world into a better state. But what is that process? What is the secret to human advancement? Could it be as simple as personal character development, the choices that you make at a personal level day by day? 

As I understand it, the promise of being made after a more perfect image, is only completed by understanding how to get there. It does not come naturally. We know all too well what the natural outcomes of human interactions have been. So there must be something better. Some would say there is no magic formula for this transformation, but others say there is a way, there is a door and a light that will guide your path and make a way to a better place. Do you believe in miracles? Perhaps a miraculous journey is what the world needs to embark upon as a means of obtaining a higher, LOVE inspired, way of living? Is it a journey that begins with you?

There is a fruit bearing way of living life, one where investments made always return more. Where outpourings of goodness and vitality appear as perfect gifts, improving your character as a by-product along the way. This is the high road tested over the centuries where "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", the Golden Rule is king. A better world is waiting and it is all about a change of heart and the desire to be noble and pure. In the end, it is not about the natural state of life, but about the spiritual, the supernatural, the above the ordinary. And the secret to life is that it is a daily choice. The virtues comes to those who seek for them with all their heart. May your life be guided and blessed by these ethers, by the ethereal presence of an unadulterated LOVE. May it fill your life with its presence today!

Art, Music & Literature

The inspirational power of art, music, and literature contains the substance that can change your very soul. Why? Because it is spiritual. Because behind the colors, behind the vibrations of musical tone, behind the words fitly spoken there is an element of TRUTH. It is the true sense of the deeper aspects of life that has the power to change you. This is what you are searching for, the aspects of life that uplift and make you a better person. Make these your friends. Make these your company.

Have you ever wanted to know your life is aligned with your purpose for existence? To know you are on the right path and are pleasing to your Creator? These are the kinds of answers you receive from the spiritual element of life. The attributes of love, joy, kindness, gentleness, compassion, wisdom, purity of purpose… these are all spiritual blessings. They come to you when you search for answers above and beyond the more natural elements of life.

The Spirit searches deeply within a life, it digs down to the very core of the soul and penetrates into the recesses of your hidden dreams and aspirations. The Spirit asks to connect with your spirit, to empower you and to make you more than you ever thought you could become. Connect to the essence behind your existence and the spiritual quality of life says, Yes. Yes, to your advancement. Yes to your understanding of the deeper mysteries of life. Yes to all you ever thought you wanted to be and more.

Everyone deserves to know and sense the light of Life's spiritual touch. Everyone needs to be encouraged and motivated. Inspiration will come to you when you step forward in a whole hearted effort to know and become inspired yourself. And once you are there will be no stopping until you reach your highest and most fulfilled expression of a beauty residing within. It is only waiting to come to the top and to live within you with the full sense of arrival. It is the hope of your life and the hope of the world. It is what the world is waiting for.

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