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The Pine Needle Man

It was on a dock, much like the one above, where the reality of my spiritual journey was tested. I had been hired to write, produce, and perform an original song for The National Wildlife Federation's annual public service announcement with Robert Redford. It was an ecological statement about the need for clean water and here on the dock an inspired and moving melody and lyric settled into my soul. The Director of the NWF later said it was "the most enchanted musical background they had ever heard in a PSA". They included their quote in a letter and sent it out to hundreds of television and radio stations across the nation. Unbeknownst to them, their comments helped direct my life for decades to follow.

Their recognition of the inspirational quality behind the song and lyrics became the focus of my life's work. From that time onward I would devote my life to gaining a better understanding of what inspiration was all about, and how it could so deeply affect people's lives. And even more so, how it could be experienced and shared, person to person, as a conduit for an inspired presence in life. It was here on the dock, hungering for a more meaningful understanding of life's existence that the appearance of inspiration had come to feed my soul. And now the souls of others would also share this uplifting experience of inspiration carried across the airwaves and appearing at undetermined times and places around the world.

Later, as I developed a better understanding of inspiration's character, I would coin these appearances as,"Triflection experiences™", for they appeared with a spark of inspiration, that could be shared with others producing the same spark, and with enough energy to send a moment of thanksgiving back to the source in a third inspired moment. I would coin this a, Triflection™, for the three-fold reflective quality it inspired. And in a sense, three times affirming its validity by human standards. I thought if my life could be spent defining a deeper understanding of the qualities of inspired moments like these, and how they could be explained to others, so they could experience them as well, then my life's work would be rewarding and fulfilled.

After this cause, a course was set and a stage was prepared for sharing lyrics, music, songs and various art forms centered around the qualifying prerequisite of a, "Triflection experience™", all touched in some mysterious way with the beautiful and inspired quality of life’s highest invitation to become more. This appearance of light and love seemed a very direct response to human hunger, with a capacity to lift seekers to a higher plane of reception and satisfaction. This was what it was all about, a means of lifting humanity with the end goal of improving humanity at its very core. These inspirational expressions are now shared in the art, music, and literature of, The Pine Needle Man™, as the fruits of a forty year labor. These were the lyrics from that early song...

we all need clean water PSA, lyrics

“Once upon a time there was a world, where rivers flowed,
and wildlife roamed free as the bird.
Once upon a time there was a land, where children played,
and spent their days in Mother Nature's hands.
Once upon a time, there was a place, where water still,
could catch a glimpse of True Beauty's face.
Then came the night, and spilled into the day,
working with his wasteful hands,
Man tipped the balanced scales.
We all need clean water,
We all need clean water,
We all need clean water.”

Reaching into the inner recesses of the human soul and spirit is not an easy task. Both personally and corporately, many distractions are used to guard against the fear of being vulnerable or for other various reasons. Sometimes the human attention span can only be held for a few seconds before it is  distracted or redirected. This is where inspired art, music, and literature come into play.

The songs, the art, and the music are the colors, the scents, the lights and sounds for attracting people not only for the short term, but for producing long term results as well. The goal is to transfer the knowledge needed to positively affect lives. Knowledge concerning life's deeper mysteries, truth based knowledge that can become the seeds for growth and change over time.

The music, the art, the lyrics, and the inspired songs are all sources for watering and fertilizing these seeds. And it is the inspirational quality behind them all that brings forth the vitality of new birth and life, and the power to heal and to recondition the soil.

So enjoy, listen, absorb, and partake of the content, receiving and searching with a fully yielded heart. Somewhere behind the art, music, and literature, somewhere within the inspired moment, you will find the answers you so deeply seek.

  • Freely received… freely given.
  • Art, Music & Literature with a spiritual motif.
  • Triflection experiences™ created just for you.
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