Visionary Madonna

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VISIONARY MADONNA, a Songart™ performance and artwork from The Pine Needle Man™ is about inspiration… the kind that helps you reach your highest goals.

What does your future hold?

Spiritual life is a mystery. The journey for spiritual fulfillment begins with a step into the unknown and out onto the ethers of a faith based lifestyle. Visionary faith assures the seeker of what is to come, opening new and exciting vistas far beyond their highest expectations.

Visionary experiences are lifelines connected to the Spirit of eternity. The old shall dream dreams and the young shall see visions are the promises made to those seeking deeper wisdom and a masterful grasp of the knowledge of life.

Why visions? Think of them as promise keepers, as fulfillments of your faith. They are a little like the miracle of the chrysalis transforming into a butterfly, experiencing wings of flight it had never known before. Similarily, the reception of spiritual gifts is a flight of the highest significance concerning your human development.

Far above the constraints of your natural capabilities, visionary experiences are invitations into what life may bring. They announce possibilities, ones you can work on birthing into the material world, using faith (a spiritual quality) as a catalyst.

Promise after promise kept fills the pages of history concerning human potential and spiritual awakening. The gifts are real, the outcomes are tested. The results are visionary, for all invested in the pursuit of knowing the truth of who they really are and of whom they can become.

VISIONARY MADONNA, by The Pine Needle Man™, is published by Art with Values™ and PNM Music.

Play & Experience

10:59 sec. Songart™ Performance is recorded in two versions: Solo Piano and Piano & Strings. Songart™ CDs are included with each Giclèe art print.

Solo Piano Recording

Best viewed in full screen mode for animations.

Piano & Strings Recording

Best viewed in full screen mode for animations.

Songart™ Performance- Simple & Elegant

Take a break from the hectic pace of busy life by allowing the meditative original grand piano music and the subtle changes of the moving images add a few moments of peace to your day

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Original Music Composition
  • Archival Giclée Prints
  • Animated Performance
  • Public Art Sponsorships
  • Gift Cards, Posters & More
A Perfect Choice for a Daily Awakening

Songart™ is all about the inspiration. It is sent from above to inspire you. When you sense it you will know it. And when you share the moment with others the inspiration joins you again. And when you recognize the source of  inspiration as the vital energy that made you and keeps you alive moment by moment, the energy appears a third time. This is a Triflection™ experience and it makes life worth living. Seek it and you will find it within!

© 2020 Art with Values™

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