SOULANGEL- Piano & Strings

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SOULANGEL, is about connection, the kind that energizes and leads to complete fulfillment. Enjoy the Songart™ performance by The Pine Needle Man™ and let the energy inside come alive!

Songart™ & the soul…

SOULANGEL, an original Songart™ performance by The Pine Needle Man™ is about connection. It is the kind of connection that lifts your spirit and energizes your soul, leading to complete fulfillment. How does it work? By emphasizing all that is good and pure and by prioritizing the most honorable, most wholesome sources in life, you seed a sacred space within your soul. This place cultivated within is known as the highway to heaven or the highway of holiness. 

Notice the name, SoulAngel, is not two separate and distinct words, but one unified word. SoulAngel, is a word connecting the earthly with the heavenly. It is descriptive of a unified reality in spiritual life, when your will (the will of your independent soul) and God’s will (concerning a divine purpose for your life) meet as one. When your soul aligns with the heavenly the event is your SoulAngel moment.

SoulAngel, is a reminder of the sacred space needed to unify your will with the perfect will of God. A reminder for you to revere and set apart all that is good and holy, all that is worthy of being called angelic, concerning your pursuit of the perfect will for your life. In this pursuit, a spiritual presence and energy abides within you and exudes from you as a witness to its residence. This high and holy place spoken of in the Bible is a sure foundation. It is a sacred domain where angels appear and where the entrance of inspired communications becomes a reference for life's most sacred purposes.  

SoulAngel… where the angelic sphere meets terra firma, where material touches etherial and where the natural aligns with the supernal, here, both your terrestrial and celestial natures join and are bonded as one.  

Who shall ascend to this high and holy hill? Those who have clean hands and pure hearts. For those on this highway are reflections of all that is called unto a more unified and worthy name.

SOULANGEL, by The Pine Needle Man™, is published by Art with Values™ and PNM Music. 

Play & Experience

Songart™ Performance are recorded in two versions: Solo Piano and Piano & Strings. When you purchase one of the Signature 100 or Signature 500 limited edition impressions a Songart™ CD containing Solo Piano and Piano & Strings versions of the music is provided in FLAC, Apple Lossless (ALAC), MP3 and AAC formats.

Solo Piano Recording

Best viewed in full screen mode for a full experience of the animation effects.

Piano & Strings Recording…

Best viewed in full screen mode for a full experience of the animation effects.

Songart™- Simple & Elegant

Take a break from the hectic pace of busy life by allowing the meditative grand piano music and Songart™ images add a few moments of peace to your day

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Original Music Composition
  • Limited Edition Impressions
  • Animated Performance
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A Perfect Choice for a Daily Awakening

Songart™ is all about the inspiration. It is sent from above to inspire you. When you sense it you will know it. And when you share the moment with others the inspiration will join you again. Recognizing the source of  inspiration as the source of life that keeps you daily and giving thanks for it, the inspiration appears a third time. This is a Triflection™, an experience that makes life worth living. Seek it and eventually you will find it within!

© 2020 Art with Values™


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