Virgin Birth, Garden Reflections

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Renew your thoughts in the reflective light of the Garden. Refresh your spirit with the art, music and message from Triflective Art™. To order prints select from two colors (Neon, Red) and three sizes and styles (Signature Limited, Giclèe White Film, and Signature Select).

Reflective Light from the Garden

Virgin Birth, Garden Reflections, sets forth the principle of new life, the kind of new life that will improve and guide the course of your daily decisions. Enhanced by spiritual reflections from your garden inspirations, your daily life can be improved by the energy of new beginnings.

The concept of new birth has long been a part of the grand plan for the advancement of humanity. Line upon line, precept upon precept, the most enlightening aspects of spiritual development have always focused upon the upward progression of the human condition, by a reworking and an improvement of the current state of human development.

A Plan for the Ages

The idea of improving humanity (and the prospect of improving your life) through divine intervention is not a new idea. Spiritual investment, rather than the investment of human action, ambition or effort has always been a prerequisite for the forwarding of human values and virtues.

The principle behind the concept of being born anew through a personal spiritual connection is at the bedrock of a sacred relationship with life. The natural is uplifted to a spiritual condition as it searches to  understand reality in a new light. Restated for the 21st century, "you must be born again" is expanded in the theme, "'you must be born anew", inviting a continual process of change within, based not upon human will, but upon the framework of seeking and receiving spiritually seeded investments by the will and presence of God breathed inspiration.

When you invite the powers of life to complete the inner work necessary for the maturing of your soul, you open yourself to various opportunities for change. But really, every day should be a fresh new invitation. Every day arrives with the promise of a brand new start, bringing with it a newborn identity and a chance to reset the perfect and pure relationship you have with life. Breathing in newness of spirit for the refreshing of your soul is a blessing. Some would even say it is a divine right, received as a gift sent to all who search for the good and pleasant things of life. Here, a renewing of a clean and pure spirit and soul awaits only a simple step of faith comprised of a thankful and willful spiritual commitment.

Inspired moments from your private garden contemplations are sent to enhance your current life experience. They help you grow in maturity until you complete the tasks assigned to your life story. Think on these things and invite new changes within. Allow the beauty from the garden of your purest thoughts honor life's highest and most wholesome intentions.

Play & Experience

The 15:32 sec. Triflective Art™ is best viewed in full screen mode (tap the video and select the full screen icon at the lower right corner)

Triflective Art™ changes throughout the presentation, presenting subtle variations in the visual imagery. At the conclusion options for various prints are displayed.

Triflective Art™- Simple & Elegant

Take a break from the hectic pace of busy life by allowing the meditative original grand piano music, values based message, and visual imagery from The Pine Needle Man™ relax your soul and spirit for a few moments of peace.

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Original Music performed by the Artist
  • White Film Archival Giclée Prints
  • Gallery Quality Limited Editions
  • Public Art Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Gift Cards, Posters & More
A Perfect Choice for a Daily Awakening

Triflective Art™ is all about the inspiration. It is sent to inspire you. When you sense it you will know it. And when you share your inspired moments with others the inspiration may choose to join you again. Then, as you recognize life is reaching out to bless you personally as a witness to your connection, the inspiration appears a third time. This is a Triflection experience™ and it makes life worth living. Seek it… and eventually you will find it within.

© 2020 Art with Values™

Premium 356 gm Archival Paper

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