Peaceful Madonna Suite

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PEACE unto you… dawn to dusk, day by day. Savor the contemplative music of Triflective Art™ with two color renderings and four different images. Our limited edition art is a great reminder for daily encouragement or buy one of our Triflective Art™ Art Cards coming soon to our online store for yourself or someone you love.

Peace Be With You

The Peaceful Madonna Suite is a meditative study about the daily need for peace. From dawn to dusk, day by day, living in a state of peace is an important part of experiencing a healthy and productive lifestyle. Even when surrounded by turmoil, with uncertainty all around, you deserve the presence of inner peace. Peace that is hidden away in a perfect, secure hiding place deep within your spirit.

So how do you experience this kind of peace when the world is so often full of turmoil and instability? Part of the answer is found in setting your thoughts on things above, rather than on the things of the earth. By taking control of what you think about, what you listen to, by being careful and choosing what you watch or what you talk about on a daily basis, you are already half way there. The other part is knowing how to align and connect to sources that produce a true and lasting PEACE.

When you surround yourself with peaceful content you are uplifted and improved in the process. It may only be a small step, but add these steps together and you are well on your way to positive change. Drink from this cup, bathe yourself in this beauty, and see if you begin to sense a more peaceful change in your composure and makeup.

As you preview the Peaceful Madonna Suite, think about these truths concerning your gift of peace. At the center of the art images is a Madonna figure with child. It is not a traditional Madonna as you might understand it, but a 21st Century Madonna™, where you are the child and the Madonna holding you in her arms is your higher source of life. Take a moment and imagine yourself in the arms of what the Peaceful Madonna artwork represents. From dawn to dusk, day by day, no matter how the currents of life change around you, there is a peaceful place of rest, settled and unchanged at the center of it all. This is where you need to picture yourself.

You are the recipient of God's gift to humanity, the gift of PEACE. You deserve to be filled with peace, for it is a gift given freely to the world. Did you hear it was said, My peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives, give I to you. Peace… it is one of the greatest gifts of all. And anyone who wants this peace can receive it. With a certainty you can know there is a peace waiting for you at any time and at any place. From dawn to dusk, day by day, just lift up your thoughts and ask for the free spiritual gift that is yours for the taking. This is what it means to set your mind on things above. Seek the gift of peace, rather than relying and trusting only upon the conditions that appear to be true on earth.

Would you choose to be a recipient of this free gift of peace? Do you want peace in your life today? Then the presence of peace is already yours. All you must do is set your mind upon it. The way was prepared eons ago…  all for you to make it your own today.

Play & Experience

To play the 10:52 sec. Triflective Art™ presentation, for best viewing select the full screen icon at the bottom corner of the video window.

Triflective Art™ changes as you view the presentation with subtle changes presenting variations in the visual imagery. Immerse yourself in the music and art and feel the peace. At the conclusion of the video print options are displayed.

Triflective Art™- Simple & Elegant

Take a break from the hectic pace of busy life by allowing the meditative original grand piano music and the subtle changes of the moving images add a few moments of peace to your life.

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Original Music Performance by the Artist
  • White Film Archival Giclée Prints
  • Gallery Quality Limited Editions
  • Public Art Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Gift Cards, Posters & More
A Perfect Choice for a Daily Awakening

Triflective Art™ is all about the inspiration. It is sent to inspire you. When you sense it you will know it. And when you share your inspired moments with others the inspiration may choose to join you again. Then, as you recognize life is reaching out to bless you personally as a witness to your connection, the inspiration appears a third time. This is a Triflection experience™ and it makes life worth living. Seek it… and eventually you will find it within.

© 2020 Triflection™

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