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CHI-Universal, a Triflective Art™ presentation is an invitation to rethink, recast, and reform your thoughts by reshaping your inner world.

What is that energy?

Billions around the world define the energy of life as CHI… while billions more use words of their own choosing. However you may define the ever changing vitality of life's vibrancy, one thing is certain… your life is always in motion, it is always changing! And with these changes you are always responding with your very own private and personal attitudes and responses.

Chi-Universal… a meditation in Triflective Art™, invites you to focus on how you assign your personal perspectives and reactions to the changes of life vibrantly moving within you and around you.

Positive, enlightened, and compassionate responses… are they the life affirming reactions lifting and encouraging your energy fields today? These are the more melodic phrases of CHI.

Play & Experience

14:47 sec. Triflective Art™ - For best viewing to catch the subtle changes of the visual imagery play the video in full screen mode by slecting the small bottom right corner icon.

Triflective Art™- Simple & Elegant

Take a break from the hectic pace of busy life by allowing the meditative original grand piano music and the subtle changes of the moving images add a few moments of peace to your life.

  • Beautifully Designed
  • Original Music Performance by the Artist
  • White Film Archival Giclée Prints
  • Gallery Quality Limited Editions
  • Public Art Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Gift Cards, Posters & More
A Perfect Choice for a Daily Awakening

Triflective Art™ is all about the inspiration. It is sent to inspire you. When you sense it you will know it. And when you share your inspired moments with others the inspiration may choose to join you again. Then, as you recognize life is reaching out to bless you personally as a witness to your connection, the inspiration appears a third time. This is a Triflection experience™ and it makes life worth living. Seek it… and eventually you will find it within.

© 2020 Art with Values™

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